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The dress rehearsal for your new product

Good preparation saves time and money. Rapid prototyping offers many possibilities to cut development times and costs significantly.
How does your new product feel? How easy is it to use? How should the surface be designed to be of optimal use? Design prototypes provide answers to these and many other questions. From a simplified test model to a fully functional model, everything is possible today. We use the full spectrum of possibilities to prepare the design of your new product as perfectly as possible, in the run-up to series production. All so nothing stands in the way of success.

An attractive option: Thanks to our product consultants in Asia, we can locally produce high-precision prototypes at low cost.


Customized prototypes


Design prototype

This concept model is primarily used to test aesthetic, haptic and ergonomic aspects of a newly developed product.

Geometric Prototype

With this true-to-scale model, the real dimensions of the planned series product can be checked exactly and optimized if necessary.

Functional prototype

The model for practical tests: The functionality and usability of the product that is later produced in series can be optimally tested here.

Technical prototype

This experimental model, also known as the Golden Sample, is an almost exact copy of the series product. It offers extremely realistic impressions.

The following techniques are used:

  • 3D Printing // Stereolithography // Selective Laser Sintering // Direct Metal Laser Sintering // Multi Jet Fusion // PolyJet & Silicone 3D Printing
  • CNC machining // CNC milling // CNC turning
  • Plastic injection molding // Injection molding with liquid silicone // 2-component injection molding // Encapsulation of inserts
  • Surface finishing // Lacquering // UV and rubber painting // Anodizing // Electroplating // Antistatic coating