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Benefit from our 360° expertise

Sustainable product design enables strategies that put functionality, production effort and marketing at the service of success.
Tough global competition and increasingly scarce resources call for a drastic rethinking of contemporary product design. Intelligent product design provides a wealth of tools to secure significant advantages as a brand, provided that a holistic approach to product design is taken and all aspects are considered.
We weave technology and aesthetics, ideas, and strategy, into an effective whole and develop optimal and unique solutions.


01  Innovation    
02 Aesthetics   
03 Usability
04 Functionality
05 Marketing    
06 Ecology
07 Economy

Degree of Innovation Viable Concepts

"Who stops innovating, stops being good,". Innovations create practical solutions for everyday life, combining the new and the proven. We create unique selling propositions and added value for consumers.

Aesthetics The poetry of the design idiom

Elementary aspects of aesthetic design are harmony, straight lines, elegance, reduction and a coherent form and color scheme. We use them to stage your product sensuously and sensibly at the same time.

Usability The product in its context

Products are meant to enrich the lives of users. Safety, ease of maintenance and user-friendliness, ergonomics and product semantics are determinants for success. The more efficient and suitable for everyday use a design is, the more successful it is.

Marketing The product message

Product design, an integral part of corporate identity, is a marketing tool. It ensures, through a high degree of independence and recognition, a clear target group approach. Distinctive products convey identity.

Ecology Added value inside

We strive for optimized manufacturing processes, minimized use of materials and energy, good CO2 footprints and products designed for durability. These premises apply during production, packaging, disposal, and recycling.

Economy Success in series

Shapes and colors define the production process. As a responsible partner, we never lose sight of the hard facts: DIN standards, set-up costs, cost of materials, production method, reject rate and much more…

True to these criteria, we at EMAMIDESIGN aggregate technology and aesthetics, ideas, and strategies into a highly effective whole: a product design offering users optimal and unique solutions.