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Equip products with personality

Distinctive elegance, along with an avant-garde style, is the internationally successful trademark of EMAMIDESIGN.

There are many good products. However, only a few of them manage to stand out from the potpourri of shapes. Through consistently reducing lines to the essentials, a sensuous haptic and the demand for meaningful innovation, we provide your product with a distinctive identity. We aggregate technology and design in such a way that products provide clever and aesthetic solutions to both large and small problems of the day-to-day, thus enriching people's lives. Products as companions.

The art of omission

Since 2005, we at EMAMIDESIGN have been fully dedicated to making every product unique. The design philosophy of our Berlin design manufactory has its origin in simplicity and functionality. There is no substitute for a clear design language. Selective, efficiently set lines, colors and haptic experiences act like easily remembered notes, tones, or sound sequences. They breathe soul into a composition – lending character to the work of art.

At EMAMIDESIGN, we love to see even the most common objects completely detached from conventions, to rethink and redesign them. From this, we derive a new design that is sensible yet sensual, rolled into one. The pivotal point is always the inspiring and systematic search for perfect harmony. It goes without saying that this is not only about beauty but also about practicality. Thanks to this principle, EMAMIDESIGN is successful worldwide.

Internationally leading Product design

"As the founder and managing director of EMAMIDESIGN, together with my team I have already developed countless design concepts for products. Almost as often, I was granted international awards together with my colleagues and our customers. In the world ranking list 'Red Dot Design Award' we are in the top spot for the tenth time in a row. This confirms once again: Our meticulousness - it's worth it!"
Arman Emami

Holistic versus throwaway mentality

EMAMIDESIGN creates design that is high-quality, durable, and timeless. We attach great importance to sustainable and environmentally friendly series production. Our holistic economic and ecological working method counteracts the widespread throw-away mentality of our time and sets the innovative trend for more sustainable management. We are convinced that holistic thinking and efficient production do not negate each other but complement each other very successfully.