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Excellent Product Design
From concept to series production.
Poetry of forms
106x international awarded

As a Berlin design studio, we support customers worldwide in the optimal design, development, and manufacturing of products. We accompany them step by step, from the first draft to series production. By consistently reducing forms to their essentials, through sensual haptics and our claim to innovation, we provide products with character and a distinctive identity.

16 years of experience –
106x international awards

Since 2005, we at EMAMIDESIGN have been dedicated to making every product something unique. Under the premise "Whoever stops getting better, has stopped being good", we face the worldwide competition from more than 60 countries every year anew. Thanks to this philosophy, we have received 106x international awards to date.

Number 1 for 11 years

For the eleventh year in a row, we have positioned ourselves at number one in the world rankings of the "Red Dot Design Award", as the leading design studio for the best design concepts - throughout Germany, throughout Europe, worldwide!


  • Minikamera "Higgs" 02
  • Windenergieanlage "Windflock" 03
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  • Kleiderbüger "Swan" 02
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  • Minisolarstation"Power Flower" 01
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  • Roboter "Robo Worm" 04
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  • Transportroboter "Beesy" 02
  • Armbanduhr "Neolog" 02
  • Edelstahl-Kugelschreiber "Hommage" 0
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Passion is our driving force on the path to perfection and the tireless strife for completion. The longing for pure beauty and devotion to small details refreshes our work and inspires us to create products that are unique and unconventional.


Our design combines technology, innovation, and aesthetics; it weaves them into a unity. This results in unobtrusive yet striking objects that radiate peace and harmony, yet simultaneously feel familiar and completely new. They facilitate and enrich the lives of their users and impress and fascinate with their look. Our economic and ecological approach counteracts the widespread throw-away mentality of our time and sets an innovative example for sustainable economics.


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