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Red Dot - Best of the Best for the 9th time

Arman Emami (Emami Design) and Mark Meyer (hermey GmbH & Co KG, Manufacturer) receive the trophy from Professor Dr. Peter Zec at the Red Dot award ceremony in the Aalto-Theater Essen.

EMAMIDESIGN wins the Red Dot Best of the Best award again this year for the hermey thermo mug in the category "Innovation".

The jury was impressed:
“This innovative closure mechanism is a solution that fascinates with its simplicity, which is precisely why it is so elegant. The handling is completely intuitive and the entire design is focused on user-friendliness. In combination with its formal simplicity, the Hermey thermo mug impresses across the board as a simple, honest and durable product.”

Here is an excerpt from the Red Dot Yearbook 2024:
The Right Twist
Sometimes you come across innovations that seem so logical and self-explanatory that you wonder why they have not been around for a long time. One such product is the Hermey thermo mug with its newly developed sealing system. Berlin-based designer Arman Emami, who is responsible for this innovation, felt the same way: “After a few days of pondering over a solution, it was already after midnight when I suddenly found the crucial piece of the puzzle in the design to be able to open and close the drinking opening by simply twisting the rim of the cup. And at that moment, everything seemed so simple that I was pretty sure the solution must have been used hundreds of times in products before. To my astonishment, however, a quick search on the internet didn’t turn up a single hit.” The new closure, the “Twister Cap”, is based on a threaded spindle, eliminating the need for complex designs or components such as springs or locking mechanisms. When the edge of the cap is twisted, the centre piece moves slightly upwards and releases the opening, allowing the user to drink directly from the cap. The cap can then be closed by twisting it again and is just as leak-proof as a normal bottle with a screw cap. And this solution is by no means only suitable for the Hermey thermo mug, but can also be used as a reusable closure for returnable bottles and other liquid containers. The thermo mug itself has an extremely minimalist design and is made of powder-coated stainless steel, while the lid is made of Tritan. All elements are food-safe, unbreakable, recyclable and free from plasticisers and can be easily disassembled for cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher.

Another milestone for EMAMIDESIGN
By winning the Red Dot Award „Best of the Best“ for the 9th time, EMAMIDESIGN has once again set new standards in innovative product design.
The Hermey thermo mug is another example of the continuous striving for perfection and innovation that drives our team.
The Red Dot Award „Best of the Best“ is one of the most famous design awards in the world and stands for outstanding and innovative design. Winning this award in the category Innovation is a confirmation of our work and an incentive to continue developing products in the future that impress with their functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.
We would like to thank the jury for this award and our clients and partners for their ongoing commitment. We will continue to work together in the future to create design solutions that make life easier and more beautiful.