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air purifier Wairify


First pure plasma air purifier

Wairify has developed a disruptive technology that establishes a new category in the air purification market. Based on plasma technology, the system does not require any physical filter materials, making the maintenance and disposal of costly HEPA filters obsolete.

The basic shape of Wairify is based on algebraic geometry. This achieves harmony with and thus visually reflects the physical and technical nature of the applied plasma technology. Algebraic geometry, which embodies the mystery of mathematics, is incorporated into the organic form of Wairify. The double-axis symmetrically waisted base body, together with the spatially deformed vents, reveals mathematical regularity while evoking floral and mystical forms in nature. The blue illumination visualizes the lines of the air outlet slots, imagines the radial spread of the waves in the room and thus suggests a plasma field. The anodized and satin aluminum housing emphasizes the technical and high-quality character of the device.

Designed in 2021