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Wind Energy System Windflock


Wind Energy System

Windflock is a modular wind energy system. Small mini windmills can be connected to each other in a flexibly expandable plug-in system without limits - similar to the LEGO principle. When plugged together, Windflock has a crystal-like 3D structure. Installation is also easy: the system can be mounted either between or on top of buildings, thus turning them into components of the overall construction. Since the mini windmills have standardized rods and connections, connecting them has proven to be extremely easy and uncomplicated. Two, three, four or five plug connections can be used, depending on the desired quantity and overall structure of the plant. Windflock has the same function as a windmill: The wind turbines convert the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical or electronic energy which can be used for power supply.
Designed in 2013

Designed in 2013