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EMAMIDESIGN receives the Red Dot Product Design Award Best of the Best 2022 for the outstanding design and excellent functionality of the WAIRIFY One air purifier. The "Red Dot: Best of the Best" is awarded for groundbreaking design and is the competition's highest honor. Not only has EMAMIDESIGN succeeded in surpassing the 100 mark for awards won, but it has also won
the most prestigious title of "Best of the Best" for the eighth time.
Excellent product design is essential for lasting market success. The combination of sustainable and aesthetic design coupled with the innovative technology positions Wairify One as being a rational choice and, above all, emotionally unique. Unlike most air purifiers, which look like a technical foreign object in the living area, Wairify One integrates seamlessly into the living and working environment thanks to the chosen housing material in combination with the organic and pared-down design language and looks more like a piece of furniture than a high-tech plasma air purifier. The housing of the Wairify One is made of lightweight but very robust particle foam (EPP = expanded polypropylene) and therefore consists of 96% air. As a result, the surface textured by means of laser technology not only looks and feels like padded fabric, but is also resource-saving and 100% recyclable.
And there is more. Wairify One excels not only on the outside, but also on the inside, using Hydroplasma Dual technology (a worldwide first) instead of the physical filter materials commonly available on the market – representing a quantum leap in air purification technology.
Inspired by nature:
During a thunderstorm, electrical energy and precipitation work hand in hand, leaving behind the fresh, clean breathing air we all know. Wairify technology is based on the same principle: the air stream to be cleaned passes through the plasma field, which charges the particles it contains. In this way, organisms and viruses present in the incoming air in the plasma field are destroyed and rendered harmless. These, together with the fine dust present in the air, are then absorbed in a film of water on a counter-electrode and transported away – without any filter and in a highly effective manner.
Patented Wairify technology eliminates the need for expensive and cumbersome filter changes. Instead, it binds all the harmless substances in the water. If necessary, the water can be changed very easily and disposed of safely in the sink, or it can even be used as a natural plant fertilizer.
Highly effective against viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, mold, fine & coarse dust, pollen, house dust allergens and unpleasant odors:
The independent studies on virus removal from indoor air by Biotech and the Frauenhofer Institute showed a 99.9993% deactivation rate with Wairify technology. This makes it more effective than any technology available on the market and, in principle, even suitable for a high-security laboratory.
And last but not least: Wairify One is not only developed and designed in Germany, but is also produced in Germany.