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The Fluxergy Analyzer replaces an entire laboratory: The new measuring device delivers results in only 45 minutes and receives an iF Award 2019.
With the Fluxergy Analyzer and the corresponding platform, long waiting for laboratory results is a thing of the past. The analyzer delivers precise results for blood tests in under an hour. Only 45 minutes are required until valid results are available. The design is in line with the revolutionary technology: The surface of the groundbreaking device is minimalistic and of high quality. Doing away with everything unnecessary on the design level reflects the measuring efficiency. Less is more: This also convinced the iF jury.
We developed the award-winning product design of the Fluxergy measuring device for the Californian biotechnology and pharmaceutical company of the same name. By means of the compact precision measuring technology and the perfectly matched platform, it is Fluxergy's declared goal to make medical testing easier than ever. We are incredibly pleased to contribute to the success of the brand with our work, and to have made the collection of important medical data more efficient. The Fluxergy Analyzer is portable and enables a range of test types that previously required a much larger laboratory. Measurements can be performed in less than two minutes: simply collect the blood sample, put it into the Analyzer and evaluate the test results by using the Fluxergy software.

EMAMIDESIGN delivers excellent design for medical applications and much more. Thanks to our extensive experience in product design, we know exactly which key levers to adjust in order to successfully translate all the advantages of our customers' technology into a consistent and clear design language. Together we bundle energies, cross borders and - last but not least - we reap the benefits of our joint commitment. It goes without saying that the awards represent only a small part of all the advantages involved.