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The design concept GESTICO by EMAMIDESIGN makes animation more intuitive than ever and wins the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best.
Moving 3D figures realistically requires a lot of time and sensitivity. Thanks to the innovative animation tool GESTICO, by EMAMIDESIGN, the animation of 3D characters is now faster and more intuitive. The compact, fully movable figure model is equipped with 14 sensors, which immediately and wirelessly transmit every smallest movement to all common animation programs. At the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2017, GESTICO wins the coveted international award Red Dot: Best of the Best in the category "Interaction". This highest award honors the most innovative submissions of the year.

GESTICO quotes the analogue success model of the compact wooden drawing puppet, with the help of which generations of creative people have already perfected the lifelike transfer of authentic proportions and motion sequences. Through the innovative combination of the handy manikin with the latest 3D technology, we developed the drawing puppet for the interactive generation. GESTICO enables animation artists to capture the complex body language very realistically and to digitize it without loss of time. By means of 14 precise 3D sensors, every smallest gesture is transmitted in real time via Bluetooth to the computer. This way, animations succeed much easier, more efficient, and more realistic. The synchronized capture of moving body parts makes the digitized gestures of the characters appear clearly more organic; the characters move more authentically.
Excellent product design that sets international standards - we at EMAMIDESIGN were once again able to put this claim into practice with GESTICO. We are extremely proud that the expert jury of the Red Dot Design Award, out of thousands of submissions, crowned our work with their highest award. But we are even more proud that with GESTICO we can provide the designers of this world with an extremely powerful and innovative tool to create convincing characters and fascinating worlds.