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People Counter APS-90

EMAMIDESIGN provides the new HELLA people counter APS-90 with a clear design - and receives the internationally renowned iF Award for it.
For a variety of industries, the exact recording of visitor numbers is of particular importance. The new APS-90 precision measuring instrument from HELLA Aglaia offers superior performance with a significantly extended performance spectrum. We accepted the design task and equipped the latest generation of high-precision sensors with a friendly and at the same time unobtrusive face. The consistently clear design was rewarded with gold by the jury of the iF-Award 2017. The experts emphasized the gentle humanoid character, which assists in providing the sensitive topic of "monitoring" with greater public acceptance.

The product design of the APS-90 is based on an extreme simplification of forms. We simply left out all unnecessary details. Thus, the measuring instrument adapts perfectly to a variety of different environments: It cuts a fine figure at trade fairs as well as in shopping centers or airports. The friendly and inconspicuous design equips the device with a friendly character and thus avoids negative associations such as "surveillance" or "control". Thanks to this innovative design, acceptance barriers are removed. The measuring technology present in many places is brought to the people in a more human form, instead of keeping them at a distance by an unnecessarily technoid form. The iF Award jury also praised the "look it in the eye" factor of the APS-90, which turns an anonymous measuring device into an everyday companion with personality.

Developing excellent product design, even for sensitive application fields, is a challenging task that we at EMAMIDESIGN are very happy to take on, because we know that a striking form and a holistic design decisively shapes the character of a product and thus crucially determines how technology is perceived. Especially products where the success potential of design has not yet been fully exploited yet offer us an attractive playing field for making technology more successful.