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Winning Again

After receiving the German Brand Award 2018 in gold, our design of allroundo wins the Red Dot Award 2018
One charging cable for all devices: this is the maxim behind the all-in-one cable allroundo, which aims to make everyday life easier for users. EMAMIDESIGN is responsible for the design, which not only makes the practical companion particularly intuitive to use, but also extremely stylish. Our customer, Vonmählen GmbH, relied entirely on our design expertise and is now celebrating another prestigious award with us: From more than 6,300 innovations submitted by companies and designers from 59 nations, the jury honored the design of allroundo with one of its coveted Red Dot Awards.
The round allroundo case measures only 6.5 centimeters (2.5”) in diameter, can be quickly stowed in a pant pocket and stores everything needed to reliably reload the most popular mobile devices. Thanks to allroundo, the batteries of smartphones, cameras, e-readers, and many other devices quickly come back to life. Six adapters enable connection via Lightning, Micro-USB, USB-A and USB-C. The flexible spiral cable with a length of up to 50 centimeters (about 20”) can be connected quickly and conveniently and can be just as easily stored in the round travel case. Here, maximum functionality and excellent product design form a perfect symbiosis. Thanks to design, the added value of a product can be experienced - and thus design represents added value in itself.

Red dot juror and design strategist Michael Thomson once again emphasized the importance of product design for the success of brands and companies: "It is becoming increasingly complex to be successful, as products are increasingly linked to our emotions and ambitions. Here, he said, excellent design can be a decisive tool for distinction from competitors. At EMAMIDESIGN we know about the great impact of well-thought-out design and realize excellent design for consumer electronics and much more.